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NumaStore™ - "Receive, Store, Organize, and distribute NM and PET/CT Data"

NumaStore provides a robust, reliable, and user-friendly image management system designed specifically for nuclear medicine studies. NumaStore offers secure long-term storage of studies from a given patient that are acquired at different points in time and cataloging of those studies. It also supplies efficient retrieval in a way that facilitates and encourages comparative analysis during a patient visit. These abilities encourage a change in the way nuclear medicine is used, from simply a diagnostic snapshot to a long-term care patient management tool.


  1. Communicates via DICOM, C-Store functions, as well as manufacturers' native formats and network protocols.
  2. Provides on-line storage of both raw and processed data. NumaStore is expandable, reliable, and secure, while maintaining the integrity of the original images.
  3. Enables user to sort and query images by 46 different attributes and create custom attributes or groups for research and teaching.
  4. Communicates via DICOM offering Query and Retrieve capabilities, filters, and connectivity with non-DICOM and remote systems.


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