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NumaStore™ Preclinical - "Preclinical Image Management Made Easy"

NumaStore Preclinical is a storage and image management solution designed to meet the specific needs of preclinical imaging departments. The multi-modality acquisition techniques used in small animal imaging create a variety of proprietary or non-standard datasets. A single scan may contain several hundred images of only a few KB each; while a list mode SPECT or PET acquisition may contain a single file that is 75 GB or more. NumaStore Preclinical has the power and features researchers need to efficiently manage this vital information.

NumaStore Preclinical improves the workflow in the department by automatically backing up all image data created by the Siemens® Inveon™ preclinical scanner to a secure location. NumaStore compresses the large image files using a lossless algorithm before storing them in a local volume or a network share. This saves costs by making efficient use of the storage hardware. Using NumaStore's intuitive interface studies can be quickly organized by file name, date, project name and many other attributes. Studies are easily exported for reprocessing and display. NumaStore Preclinical also supports clinical DICOM formats and communication.

NumaStore Preclinical is the essential tool to Automate, Organize, Share and Protect the valuable image data of research projects.


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