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NumaList™ Plus - "DICOM Modality Worklist for Pegasys"

NumaList Plus eliminates time-consuming re-entry of patient information into the Philips/ADAC Pegasys® nuclear medicine workstation by importing it from a HIS/RIS on the network. The device extends the abilities of the NumaList DICOM modality worklist management tool to provide enhanced integration, functionality and efficiency for the popular Pegasys imaging device. With NumaList Plus, the user simply selects the scheduled patient at the acquisition workstation and acquires the images. Once the study is completed, the patient file is exported from the Pegasys workstation to NumaList Plus, where relevant RIS/PACS information is added. From there, it is automatically exported to another workstation or the PACS. The patient data always corresponds exactly with the HIS/RIS database, thus eliminating errors and time searching for images. Pegasys workstations without DICOM export can add NumaLink — the company's image format translation tool. NumaList Plus works with NumaLink to provide comprehensive DICOM connectivity for the Pegasys®.


  1. Integrate non-DICOM Pegasys systems in a HIS/RIS and PACS environment.
  2. Eliminates manually typing patient information into the ADAC/Philips acquisition stations.
  3. Works with multiple ADAC/Philips nuclear medicine cameras.
  4. Supports all Pegasys systems and acquisition stations.
  5. Works with NumaLink™ to provide DICOM connectivity to non-DICOM compliant systems.
  6. All the benefits of the basic NumaList application.
  7. Upgrades available for current NumaLink / NumaList users.


  1. Automatic matching of Pegasys acquisition protocols with DICOM worklist schedule
  2. Provides the correct time stamp information
  3. Configurable options to match Pegasys network environment
  4. Ability to correct patient information before exporting
  5. All the features of the basic NumaList.


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  1. NumaList Plus Datasheet - ( Download | View )