"Radiation Dose Reports w/ Visit Status"

NumaStatus™ is designed to minimize the user’s requirements to create the radiopharmaceutical dose report and provide value by instantly updating the status of the patient’s visit to all team members.


"Windows XP Network Bridging"

We have solutions to refresh, migrate, isolate and bypass Windows XP systems without breaking your budget.


"Image Translation System"

The NumaLink™ Image Translation System exchanges patient studies between nuclear medicine and PET computer systems.


"DICOM Worklist Manager"

The NumaList™ Worklist Manager allows a user to correct or add DICOM modality worklist information from the HIS/RIS to the header of DICOM image files.

NumaList™ Plus

"DICOM Worklist for Pegasys®"

NumaList Plus™ eliminates time-consuming re-entry of patient information into the Philips/ADAC Pegasys® nuclear medicine workstation by importing it from a HIS/RIS on the network.


"Image Management & Storage"

The NumaStore™ Image Management Solution provides a high-capacity archiving system to store and manage patient images.

NumaStore™ Preclinical

"Preclinical Data Storage"

The NumaStore Preclinical™ Data Management Solution provides a high-capacity archiving system to store and manage preclinical data.


"Media Reader and Data Migration"

NumaRead™ migrates offline tape/MOD/CD image archives to online image management systems.

Core Lab

"Nuclear Medicine Core Lab"

Numa's Core Lab system can be configured with all supported image format translation and connectivity tools.

Custom Solutions

"A Solution to Meet Every Need"

If you do not see a product or service listed here that would benefit you, contact us! Often times we are able to provide a custom solution that will fit your workflow and budget.

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