About Us

Our company provides innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of a nuclear medicine, nuclear cardiology, PET, and PET/CT department for image management, archiving, multi-vendor connectivity, DICOM modality worklist management, data migration and secure file transfer throughout the department, enterprise and beyond.

The Difference

Numa plays a vital role in thousands of molecular imaging departments world-wide. Using DICOM standards and proprietary formats, Numa's family of products offer reliable performance, backed by a top-notch professional support staff. Our advanced solutions are available directly through Numa and distributors to both end users and OEMs. You can rely on Numa's commitment to quality to continue throughout all aspects of design, customer relations, delivery and support.

Our History

Since 1992, Numa has been the leader in nuclear medicine connectivity and system integration, producing solutions that enhance a department's patient throughput while enabling personnel to work more efficiently and productively.